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Apartments for sale in Bibione and Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy - EuropaREBibione 5 Aquae

Rent Villas & Bungalow on Adriatic Coast

Surrounded by beautiful private gardens with a swimming pool or inside equipped vacation resorts, the villas and bungalow accommodation on the Adriatic Coast offered by Europa Tourist Group are elegant structures, characterized by large and spacious environments, services of a high standard and total independence.

In the heart of the city, near the spa, overlooking the sea, immersed in the pine forest or in the most exclusive holiday villages, the villas in Lignano and Bibione on the Adriatic Sea are the pride of these shores.

Here you can enjoy full independence, enjoy the outdoors and live the good tourist offer proposed by these beautiful holiday resorts: from the beautiful Blue Flag beaches and the renowned spas, from the delicious local cuisine to the rich calendar of events offered by the two locations.

A holiday villa on the Adriatic coast is the opportunity you've been waiting for, so you can give yourself a little luxury with peace of mind by trusting in the professionalism of ET Group.

Discover our offers and choose between the bungalows and villas on the Adriatic Coast which are most suited to you.

Do not wait any longer and book online your fabulous vacation on the Adriatic coast in an elegant villa or bungalow.

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Villa La Fenice - Photo indicative sample

171 - Villa La Fenice 3

Via delle Nazioni, Bibione View map More information Info request Villa La Fenice - Air-conditioningVilla La Fenice - Bathroom with showerVilla La Fenice - Coffee machineVilla La Fenice - Centre distance - 400Villa La Fenice - Spa distance - 1000Villa La Fenice - Lawn / gardenVilla La Fenice - Private gardenVilla La Fenice - Number of apartments - 12Villa La Fenice - Non-covered parking placeVilla La Fenice - Small dogs allowedVilla La Fenice - Satellite TVVilla La Fenice - Microwaves ovenVilla La Fenice - SafeVilla La Fenice - Beach distance - 600Villa La Fenice - Beach place includedVilla La Fenice - Number of rooms - 12Villa La Fenice - Heating New building with 12 apartments, ca. 600 m from the beach with parking.
Type B-5 5 From 33.00 Show prices
Villa Sonia - Photo indicative sample

96 - Villa Sonia 3

Via Andromeda 99/101, Bibione View map More information Info request Villa Sonia - Air-conditioningVilla Sonia - Bathroom with shower boxVilla Sonia - Coffee machineVilla Sonia - SafeVilla Sonia - Centre distance - 200mVilla Sonia - Beach distance - 600 mVilla Sonia - Spa distance - 1.000mVilla Sonia - Microwaves ovenVilla Sonia - Number of apartments - 7Villa Sonia - Non-covered parking placeVilla Sonia - Beach place includedVilla Sonia - Satellite TV
Type B-4From 27.00 Show prices
Type C-77 From 30.00 Show prices
Type C1-77 From 31.00 Show prices
Villa Silva - Photo indicative sample

204 - Villa Silva 3

Viale degli Ontani 11-13-15-17, Bibione View map More information Info request Villa Silva - Air-conditioning - C2-5Villa Silva - Bathroom with shower boxVilla Silva - Coffee machineVilla Silva - Centre distance - 50Villa Silva - Harbour distance - 1200Villa Silva - Spa distance - 5000Villa Silva - Lawn / gardenVilla Silva - Private gardenVilla Silva - Number of apartments - 4Villa Silva - Non-covered parking placeVilla Silva - Small dogs allowedVilla Silva - TelevisionVilla Silva - Microwaves ovenVilla Silva - SafeVilla Silva - Beach distance - 250Villa Silva - Beach place includedVilla Silva - Number of rooms - 4 Holiday house on 2 levels with 4 apartments, ca. 250 m from the beach.
Type C-5 5 From 36.00 Show prices
Type C1-5 5 From 36.00 Show prices
Type C2-5 5 From 37.00 Show prices
Villa Marisa - Photo indicative sample

512 - Villa Marisa 3

Calle Schiller, 21-23- RIVIERA, Lignano View map More information Info request Villa Marisa - Air-conditioningVilla Marisa - Bathroom with showerVilla Marisa - Centre distance - 2500Villa Marisa - Lawn / gardenVilla Marisa - Number of apartments - 4Villa Marisa - Non-covered parking placeVilla Marisa - Satellite TVVilla Marisa - SafeVilla Marisa - Beach distance - 500Villa Marisa - Beach place includedVilla Marisa - Partly Renewed Villa composed of four apartments in the middle of a lush pinewood. just a few minutes to the beach of riviera. nearby restaurants and ...
Type C-77 From 41.00 Show prices
Ville Park Hotel - Photo indicative sample 123

238 - Ville Park Hotel 3

Via Acacie 19-23-29-33, Bibione View map More information Info request Ville Park Hotel - Bathroom with shower boxVille Park Hotel - Bathroom with showerVille Park Hotel - Grill availableVille Park Hotel - Coffee machineVille Park Hotel - Centre distance - 100Ville Park Hotel - Harbour distance - 200Ville Park Hotel - Spa distance - 5000Ville Park Hotel - Private gardenVille Park Hotel - Number of apartments - 3Ville Park Hotel - Covered parking placeVille Park Hotel - Small dogs allowedVille Park Hotel - Satellite TVVille Park Hotel - Microwaves ovenVille Park Hotel - SafeVille Park Hotel - Beach distance - 50-100Ville Park Hotel - Beach place includedVille Park Hotel - Number of rooms - 3 Bungalows in optimal position, ca. 50 - 100 m from the beach.
Type C-5 5 From 52.00 Show prices
Villa Stefano - Photo indicative sample 12

51 - Villa Stefano 3

Via del Cigno 4, Bibione View map More information Info request Villa Stefano - Air-conditioningVilla Stefano - Hair-dryerVilla Stefano - Bathroom with shower boxVilla Stefano - Coffee machineVilla Stefano - Centre distanceVilla Stefano - Spa distanceVilla Stefano - Lawn / gardenVilla Stefano - Number of apartments - 4Villa Stefano - Covered parking placeVilla Stefano - Small dogs allowedVilla Stefano - TelevisionVilla Stefano - Microwaves ovenVilla Stefano - SafeVilla Stefano - Beach distanceVilla Stefano - Beach place includedVilla Stefano - Number of rooms House with 4 apartments in quiet area at 700 m from the beach. garden and covered parking.renewed
Type B-5 From 33.00 Show prices
Villa Sara - Photo indicative sample

639 - Villa Sara 3

Viale dei Fiori 31- PINETA, Lignano View map More information Info request Villa Sara - Bathroom with shower boxVilla Sara - Coffee machineVilla Sara - Centre distance - 200Villa Sara - Beach distance - 200Villa Sara - Microwaves ovenVilla Sara - Private gardenVilla Sara - Number of apartments - 1Villa Sara - Non-covered parking place - 2 parking-placesVilla Sara - Small dogs allowedVilla Sara - Beach place includedVilla Sara - Television Single villa with large enlosed garden, located in a verdant area about 200 m from the beach and from the city centre of lignano ...
Type C-66 From 48.00 Show prices
Villaggio Laura - Photo indicative sample

544 - Villaggio Laura 3

Corso delle Nazioni 18- RIVIERA, Lignano View map More information Info request Villaggio Laura - Air-conditioningVillaggio Laura - Bathroom with shower boxVillaggio Laura - Grill availableVillaggio Laura - Centre distance - 800Villaggio Laura - Lawn / gardenVillaggio Laura - Number of apartments - 5Villaggio Laura - Non-covered parking placeVillaggio Laura - Small dogs allowedVillaggio Laura - Satellite TVVillaggio Laura - Microwaves ovenVillaggio Laura - SafeVillaggio Laura - Beach distance - 400Villaggio Laura - Beach place included - 2 sun-umbrellas with sun-chair and sun-bed Nice holiday complex located in a wooded and enclosed area, about 400 m from the beach and easily reachable by a pedestrian way. it's composed ...
Type D-88 From 57.00 Show prices
Ville Carla e Caterina - Photo indicative sample 1

142 - Ville Carla e Caterina 3

Via dello Zodiaco 6/8, Bibione View map More information Info request Ville Carla e Caterina - Air-conditioningVille Carla e Caterina - Bathroom with showerVille Carla e Caterina - Coffee machineVille Carla e Caterina - Centre distance - 150Ville Carla e Caterina - Spa distance - 700Ville Carla e Caterina - Lawn / gardenVille Carla e Caterina - Private gardenVille Carla e Caterina - Non-covered parking placeVille Carla e Caterina - TelevisionVille Carla e Caterina - Microwaves ovenVille Carla e Caterina - SafeVille Carla e Caterina - Beach distance - 500Ville Carla e Caterina - Number of rooms - 4Ville Carla e Caterina - Beach place included House with 4 apartments, in quiet position, ca 500 m from the beach, not far away from the city-center, comfortably furnished, with garden, parking.
Type C-6 6 From 40.00 Show prices
Type D-6 6 From 44.00 Show prices
Villa Maldera - Photo indicative sample

542 - Villa Maldera 3

Corso dei Continenti 45 A- RIVIERA, Lignano View map More information Info request Villa Maldera - Air-conditioningVilla Maldera - Bathroom with shower box - 1Villa Maldera - Bathroom with bath - 1Villa Maldera - Bathroom with shower - 1Villa Maldera - Grill availableVilla Maldera - Centre distance - 1600Villa Maldera - GarageVilla Maldera - Private gardenVilla Maldera - Number of apartments - 2Villa Maldera - Non-covered parking placeVilla Maldera - Small dogs allowedVilla Maldera - Satellite TVVilla Maldera - Microwaves ovenVilla Maldera - Beach distanceVilla Maldera - Beach place included - 2 sun-umbrellas with sun-chair and sun-bedVilla Maldera - Dishwashing machineVilla Maldera - Laundry Large two-family house with wide private enclosed garden, located in quiet and verdant area, about 700 m from the beach in lignano riviera.the house is ...
Type D-88 From 86.00 Show prices
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