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E-bikes rental

Discovering the hidden corners of Bibione and Lignano has never been easier! From this year, our Guests staying at Savoy Beach Hotel, Laguna Park Hotel and Aparthotel Holiday, in addition to our free rental bike service, will be able to rent e-bikes with pedal assistance.

How can I rent an e-bike?

If you are staying at Savoy Beach Hotel or at Aparthotel Holiday, you will find the Lease Start Point in the parking lot of Aparthotel Holiday, right by the entrance. If you are staying at Laguna Park Hotel in Bibione Pineda, you will find the Lease Start Point next to the hotel’s entrance.

To use the e-bikes, you will only need to follow a few easy steps:

  1. Download the dedicated app Europa Group Mobility from the app store or play store
  2. Sign in with your personal information and complete the process by uploading a picture of your room key
  3. Click on “Rent a vehicle” in the app
  4. Go near the e-bike you want to book and scan the QR code on it
  5. Confirm the fare and agree on the terms and conditions
  6. The e-bike will now be unlocked and ready to use!

Now you can enjoy Bibione’s bike trails, riding along the sunny, lively promenade or in the untouched pinewoods. If you decide to take a break during the ride, you can protect your e-bike by locking it with the integrated padlock on the back wheel.

Are you searching for an e-bike in Bibione?

Are you searching for an e-bike in Bibione?

If you are relaxing on the beach or by the pool and you want to check on e-bikes’ availability, you will not need to get up from your sunbed. Click on “Search for a vehicle” on the main page of the Europa Group Mobility app and verify the up-to-date availability.

Do you want to book an e-bike for one or more days?

If you want to be sure to find an available e-bike, just click or tap on “Book” on the Europa Group Mobility app. You can then choose your preferred Lease Start Point and the chosen date for the rental and reserve your e-bike.

Fares for e-bike rental

Here are the current rates for the rental of your e-bike during your stay in Bibione

First 30 minutes: 5,00 €

Every additional 10 minutes: 2,00 €

Maximum fare: 35,00 €  

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