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EMAS système de management environnemental

For over ten years, the seaside resort of Bibione - San Michele al Tagliamento has been implementing policies to safeguard its environmental heritage. The results are constantly checked and certified by the EMAS.

Bibione was the first tourist location in Europe to be awarded with the EMAS Environmental Certification. In 2002, this extraordinary achievement was seen, by tour operators and the local authorities involved, as a starting point. But keeping it for over a decade demonstrates the continued commitment, undertaken with responsibility by all, to improve and protect the environmental and territorial quality of Bibione. It has meant developing and promoting, over the last ten years, environmentally sustainable tourism through the implementation of management policies, recognized and awarded also by the FEE who, in 2012, awarded Bibione its 21st Blue Flag.

Spending your holidays in a certified eco-friendly seaside resort leads to significant and tangible advantages which result in:
- better bathing water quality: thanks to careful and meticulous water treatment management, there is no disposal of wastewater into the sea;
- better quality services offered on the beach;
- an efficient differentiated waste collection, which is constantly integrated and supported by collective information campaigns;
- a careful urbanization policy that includes urban decoration works aimed at preserving the surrounding environment;
- constant expansion of safe cycle tracks which allow visitors to discover the natural beauties of Bibione and the surrounding countryside. There are approximately 50 km of cycle tracks, 20 - of which are within the city limits;
- planning and implementation of environmental projects aimed at raising awareness of individuals with connected projects;
- pupils may also participate.

Requesting an Environmental Certification means defining voluntarily those aims a town must achieve on a short and long term basis. It means introducing an environmental policy and new operating models relating to environmental protection and enhancement, to be implemented through strict management protocols validated by accredited certification bodies. In practice, this guarantees a constant improvement of the quality of life of local residents, visitors and holidaymakers.

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