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is a place we've held

dear for so long, and at the same time it is a strategic project, quite

unique in the Upper Adriatic area, its main goal being the appreciation

of our landscape together with our guests' well-being, for a vacation

of unmatchable quality. It all started with a dream, which then became

intention through perseverance and ambition, leading to the project and

eventual realisation of our first Eco Village Resort.

Lino delle Fate is an exclusive, 100% car-free resort which aims at

maintaining intact the identity of the surrounding nature, with all its

colours and perfumes. The ideal place for those who seek a quiet,

intimate vacation, in close contact with 250,000 sq. m of untouched

Mediterranean shrub, but also a few steps away from the sea. We are

giving you the opportunity to be the first to come and discover this

dream-like resort, which you can already book at a special price*.


It is Lino delle Fate Eco Village Resort’s main hub. At

ground floor you will find the reception, restaurant and lounge bar, while

on the first and second floor are the hotel rooms and suites, all furnished

in ethnical-local style, refined yet essential. A few steps away from the

Clubhouse, you will find the pool park and poolside café, a delightful

oasis where you can regenerate while sunbathing or taking a dip into the

swimming pool.


The bungalows at Lino delle Fate are just the ideal

solution for those who wish to spend a quiet vacation, surrounded by the

perfumes and colours of the local flora, but with the same commodities

you would have back at home. A stunning outdoor patio, equipped with

ample shades to guarantee your privacy, will be the perfect setting to

enjoy some delicious meals cooked with your own hands, thanks to

the well-equipped kitchen, or some of your favourite take-away dishes

straight from the restaurant’s buffet, all made with fresh, locally sourced

ingredients. The nightingales’ idle singing will be the perfect musical

background for your moments of conviviality.


Heavenly pools of crystal-clear water,

surrounded by lush green, just two steps away from your room will not

leave you desperately longing for the sea. You can enjoy a wider, central

swimming pool for adults (130 cm deep), divided into three areas on a

1,000 m² surface of water; a whirlpool (90 cm deep) with comfy beds to

lay just below the water surface while you get your massage. You can

also wash away your daily troubles and stress under waterfalls and

inside whirlpool barrels, for a truly unique sensory experience. The little

ones can also have fun, thanks to a 30 cm deep pool with water slides

and games. The swimming pools’ floor is going to be made of natural,

local stone. You can also relax and enjoy some pleasantly warmed water

coming right from the geothermal source below. All swimming pools

in Lino delle Fate Eco Village Resort are heated. The central swimming

pool for adults has a temperature of 27°C, while the whirlpool and the

swimming pool for children have a temperature of 35°C.

The ample sun terrace, fully accessible to the differently abled, is equipped

with sun beds complete with soft pool towels and beach umbrellas of

straw. A great place to take a nap, read a good book or get a tan.