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Bibione a Lignano nabízejí 17 kilometru zlatavé pláže a bezpecné a certifikované more?
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An excellent team to guarantee your holidays! All information is given from a friendly and disposed team who knows all detail about the offered structure.

The whole staff of Europa Group is involved in the Quality Politic, and every business process is constantly monitored. This system is manifested in actions and management techniques to the whole organizational system in a systematic, planned, documented way and designed to reach the following objectives:
• Obtain the full satisfaction of its customers;
• Improvement in operating results;
• Achieving better levels of competitiveness on domestic and international markets;
• Continuous improvement and continuous quality for all the processes of service delivery, quality management of residential units and its Quality System.

Europa Tourist Group: Competence, experience and attention: our agency in Bibione offers this and much more, to ensure its customers the best solutions for a comfortable and convenient stay at the beach. Hotels of various categories, residences and apartments, villas and resorts, and even all the most favorable conditions to take advantage of the best opportunities about beach, nature, sports, spas, entertainment. In Europe, Tourist Group converge the skills and resources of 5 historic agencies of Bibione, landmarks in tourist accommodation in a location that can welcome every year millions of tourists of all ages and from every Country.

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