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Lignano’s theme parks: Green Village Park

Lignano Sabbiadoro lies on a lush neck of land nestled between the Adriatic Sea, the lagoon of Marano and the Tagliamento river. The verdant pinewood, characterised by a large number of local animal and plant species, is still intact throughout the years thanks to the natural parks and green areas.

Most prominent is our Green Resort” landscape park, a natural woodland area of 12,000 sq. m adjacent to Green Village Resort and open to everyone. You can check the opening times right near the entrance in Via Casa Bianca.

The first natural theme park in Lignano Sabbiadoro

The “Green Resort” park was established back in 2009 – same year Green Village Resort was built, and its main goal was providing tourists who chose Lignano Sabbiadoro as their destination with a sustainable holiday, as well as encouraging respect for nature.

Since joining efforts with the “Foce del Tagliamento” association in 2021, the theme park has become the first of its kind in Lignano to be dedicated to our avifauna. The “bird trail” will be part of a 10-step itinerary aimed at discovering the fascinating world of the wildlife inhabiting our peninsula.

Biodiversity oases in Lignano Sabbiadoro

Each natural theme park represents a small “biodiversity oasis”, where you can experience the rich and unique biodiversity of our territory. Lignano Sabbiadoro and Bibione share a peculiarity in their formation: both strips of land were shaped by the mouth of the Tagliamento river and by the currents of the Adriatic sea, thus allowing for an ecosystem where species of the Mediterranean coexist with those from the alpine regions, brought to our coastline by the waters of the Tagliamento river itself.

Future theme parks in Lignano will focus on other animal and plant species inhabiting the Tagliamento mouth area: from amphibians such as frogs to small mammals and even butterflies, which count 1,000 different species in this area alone.

The bird trail

Birds are the undisputed rulers of “Green Resort” park, where they find shelter among the tall fronds of our holm oaks. A dedicated educational itinerary is sure to fascinate even our younger guests with trivia and fun facts.

Thanks to the information plaques, you will get to know some of our bird species, such as the goldfinch, the cuckoo, the jay and the chaffinch. Get yourselves a pair of binoculars and spend some quiet time birdwatching

A park for everyone

Green Village park is fit for all: children will find a well-equipped play area, sports enthusiasts can go for a jog along the fitness trail or practice some calisthenics at selected spots, while those who just wish to enjoy some fresh air can go out for a picnic with some friends.

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