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Art-Historical towns in Veneto

It is not necessary to present Venice: the San Marco Square, the Rialto Bridge, the Lagoon Islands Burano, Murano and Torcello are famous all around the world. Don’t forget the gondels, Cafè Florian and the theatre “La Fenice”. Venice is unique for its magical atmosphere which you can enjoy in its small streets, the typical “calle” and under its characteristical bridges.

A small medioeval Reinassance town with its characteristic arcades, straddling the River Lemene with its watermills.
You can visit: Via Martiri della Libertà with its Town Hall and the Leaning Tower, the Cathedral and fish market, Via Garibaldi , Via Seminario e Via Cavour with its Villa Marzotto (ex Stuki), the Town Garden, the Seminary and the National Museum, and the narrow streets near the River Lemene.

Concordia Sagittaria
The little town Julia Concordia - Sagittaria has been added for the arrow factory (arrow = lat. Sagittaria) - was founded in 42 before Chr., during the second “triunvirato”, a region which was govered by the Romans for centuries. Under the town it was found the Roman Brigde and rests of the ancient terms, on the square before the cathedral you can see the theatre and Roman forum. Very precious buildings are the Baptistery which is frescoed with stories of the Bible and the Cathedral with three aisles which has the basin for holy water inside, in carved Greek marble, dating back to the 1st century after Chr. and the main altar is in Baroque style.

Padova & venetian villas
Padua represents one of the most lively and dynamic cities in the cultural and economic sector of the Veneto. In the 9th century it was the cradle of the paleovenetian civilization and lived many centuries full of culture and art. Monuments to visit: Cappella degli Scrovegni with the frescoes’ cycle, of famous painter Giotto, the 13th century Region’s Palace,the Chathedral, to whom project take also part Michelangelo, with the annexed baptistery, the gorgeous Basilica of S.Antonio and the huge Prato della Valle, one of the biggest squares all over Europe! Along the Brenta ‘s Riviera, the watercourse which connects Venice and Padua, the venetian patricians built many villas together with architects, sculptors and painters such as Palladio, Sansovino, Canova e Tiepolo. Also to visit: Villa Pisani, Villa Foscarini, Villa Widman, Villa Valmarana and Villa Alessandri, Villa Manin.



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