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General renting condition


1. Preliminary statements.
First of all we intend to explain the meaning of some expressions that will be used in the following text.
- Each of the firms that form the Europa Tourist Group is called “Tourist Enterprise”.
- The “Client” is a person who makes a reservation and takes advantage of the service and apartments-rooms leased out by the Agencies and Hotels of the Europa Tourist Group.
- The “Reservation” is the request of the client to rent an apartment or a hotel-room for a certain period.
- When the Tourist Enterprise receives the reservation, it communicates to the client when the apartment or the room is available; it also gives more details of the offer and asks for a
deposit. This communication is called “Booking-Proposal”.
- When the Tourist Enterprise receives the deposit, it sends to the client the so-called “Letter of confirmation”.
- The contract drawn up between the Tourist Enterprise and the client is called “Lease”. - The lease is subject to the Terms and conditions of lease.
2. Reservation and final contract.
When the client receives the Letter of confirmation sent by the Tourist Enterprise after it has received the deposit (see point 3), the lease can be considered definitively concluded. The enclosed sheet (3 copies) containing the List of the lodgers must be filled up and signed and then sent back to the Tourist Enterprise (all the 3 copies).
The client has to show the Letter of confirmation to the agency-hotel when he receives the key of the apartment-room.
3. Deposit and payment.
The amount of the deposit and further details are communicated with the Booking-proposal. As deposit, the client has to pay 30% of the whole amount. He can send a registered letter containing a guaranteed cheque or send money order in settlement. The Tourist Enterprise has to receive the deposit within (and not late then) 7 days after the date when it communicates the availability of the apartment. The client has to write the number of the Booking-proposal and also name and surname of the holder of the reservation. The Tourist Enterprise has the right to reject the deposits that arrive after the 7 days (see above) and to cancel, as a consequence, the Bookingproposal. The clients of the apartments
and Aparthotels have to pay the rest of the total amount on the arrival; the clients of the Hotels can also pay before their departure.
The clients are kindly requested to pay in cash or by travellercheque or guaranteed bank-cheques.
4. Cancellation and recession.
In any case of renunciation of your holidayaccomodation you will never lose your account already payed: for refusals comunicated at least 3 weeks before the holidays’ start you will get a credit of the whole account already payed valid for the current year or for the following one in our buildings.
5. Arrival, non-arrival, early departure.
The arrival must occur on the fixed day between 5 and 8 p.m. All the occupants of the apartmentroom must show, at their arrival, their identity cards or passports for the registration. If they have a delay, they must immediately inform the Tourist Enterprise; if they don’t do it, the apartment-room is kept free until the following day (10 a.m.), then the Tourist Enterprise can rent it to third parties. If the client leaves before the fixed day, he can NEVER obtain a reduction of the rent paid on the arrival (for apartments and aparthotels) and he must pay the agreed amount for the whole period for the hotels.
6. Rules of the stay.
It’s forbidden to give hospitality to more people (both adults and children) than allowed by the number of beds indicated on the Bookingproposal and on the List of the lodgers. The guests must observe the rules of the house, especially about the silence hours in the afternoon and during the night. The guests must have respect for the apartment (walls, floor, etc.), the equipment (fridge, dishes, cooking-stove, etc.) and the furniture. Chairs and tables mustn’t be left unattended in the garden or in the terrace. The guests must pay
for damages or theft. Complaints about the state of the apartment-room must be made within 24 hours after the arrival. Small pets (max. 8 kg) are allowed, only where specifically indicated in the catalogue. Please indicate the animal with your booking. The guests can’t use their own stoves or air conditioners. Referring to the general rules, the Tourist Enterprise reserves the right to inspect the apartment-room at any moment to check the state of the apartment and the number of persons. In case of bad non-observance, the Tourist Enterprise can rescind immediately the contract and has the right to ask the clients to set face the apartment immediately. If necessary the police may intervene. Eventual unsettled bills must be paid and the Tourist Enterprise is entitled to damages. For this reason the Tourist Enterprise suggests the use of the apartments-rooms just to families.
7. Equipment of the apartments.
All the apartments are completely furnished and provided with gas-stove, fridge, kitchenware (pots, dishes, glasses), hot and cold water, electrical energy (220 Volt). When the gas bottle finishes it’s immediately substituted (during the winter from Monday to Friday from 9 to 12 and from 15 to 19. During the summer from Monday
to Saturday from 8.45 to 12.45 and from 15.45 to 19.45; on Sunday: from 8.45 to 12.45 and from 16.30 to 19.30).
One pillow and one blanket are available for each bed. Sheets, table-linen and bath towels are not included, but the client can rent them from the Tourist Enterprise. Mattress-covers and pillowcovers can’t be used as bed linen.
8. Departure.
On the fixed day the apartments must be left within 9 a.m., the hotel-rooms within 10.00 a.m. The departure should occur during the office hours, so that the staff of the Tourist Enterprise can check the apartment and see if it has been left in order. If the client leaves during the night, the Tourist Enterprise will send him back his deposit after the check on the state of the apartment. The apartment must be left in order and perfectly clean, especially the kitchen area; the fridge must be empty, the rubbish taken to the green containers, the dishes washed.
9. Caution money.
The client promise to take care of the apartment. When the client arrives and receives the key of the apartment, the Tourist Enterprise may ask him 100,00 € caution as a guarantee of good use of the apartment (Luxury Villa 500,00 €). The caution is given back to the client if everything in the apartment is in order.
10. Liabilities of the Tourist Enterprise.
The Tourist Enterprise disclaims all responsibility for damages, theft, accidents within the apartment. Anyway it is at disposal of the client to help him if there should be any problem. In case of claim for damages, the matter must be discussed directly by the Tourist Enterprise and the client. If the air-conditioning doesn’t work, it establishes a flat rate of max. 10% of the daily rent price, for the only days in which the air-conditioning was out of order. About legal disputes, the competent court of justice is that of Venice.
11. Particular rules.
If there are any unforeseen difficulties in the allotment of the booked apartment, the Tourist Enterprise may rent to the client another apartment with the same characteristics. If it costs more than the other, the client hasn’t to pay anything more. In case of reparations, the staff of the Tourist Enterprise is authorized to enter into the apartments or hotel’s rooms also in absence of the lodgers. The Tourist Enterprises will take notice about special request about the apartments or rooms (number, floors, view etc.) but without any guarantee. The description in the catalogue might vary in some exceptional cases.
12. Acceptance.
When the client makes a reservation, he automatically accepts the conditions written above.

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