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Our commitment to offer you sustainable holidays

Europa Tourist Group was founded in 1972 from the entrepreneurial vision of the brothers Franco and Vanni Basso, in a time when there was no talk about sustainable holidays.

Nonetheless, the Basso brothers understood that to ensure quality holidays for future generations as well, it was essential to work together by taking care of the environment, focusing on employees and customers, listening to their needs and suggestions, and proposing innovative and cutting-edge development solutions. This is because there is a right way of dealing with work processes and it is not always the traditional one.

The path undertaken fifty years ago has created a lasting and shared value system, affirmed in the offer of sustainable hospitality.

What does sustainable hospitality mean?

When we talk about sustainable hospitality, we are referring to a touristic offer that can guarantee a balance between the sharing of local resources and the need to preserve them for future generations, improving the quality of life of the residents and making the experiences lived by our guests unique and unforgettable.

Speaking of tourism sustainability, we are therefore speaking of the entire supply chain, touching all spheres of sustainability: environmental sustainability, economic sustainability, and social sustainability.

Environmental sustainability

The respect for our territory has led us to develop a deep consciousness in the use of resources, specifically:

  • Conscious use of water, heating, and electricity, by installing systems in apartments and hotel rooms to minimize wastage.

  • We have implemented renewable energy sources such as solar panels in structures such as Laguna Park Hotel, Green Village Resort, Aparthotel Imperial, residenza Torre Bianca, residenza Leo, and photovoltaic panels in structures such as Savoy Beach Hotel & Thermal SPA, Lino Delle Fate Eco Village Resort, Villa Summer and ville due Perle.

  • The climate control of the clubhouses of our Lino Delle Fate Eco Village Resort and Green Village Resort is provided using geothermal energy.

  • In our industrial laundry: 50% of the electricity used is supplied by the photovoltaic system, we use a centralized water system with an independent water purifier, and for washing the laundry we use only environmentally friendly products.

  • We choose environmentally friendly products for cleaning our offices, hotels, and apartments.

  • We promote food sustainability by cultivating fruit and vegetables used in the restaurants of our hotels and resorts in our countryside with an integrated production method. Horticulture guarantees us autonomy from June to September.

  • The gardens of the Savoy Beach Hotel & Thermal SPA, Aparthotel Holiday, Green Village Resort and Residenza delle Terme are maintained according to biological criteria. All the remaining green areas administrated by Europa Tourist Group are maintained according to integrated pest management criteria.

  • We promote recycling in all our accommodation facilities and offices.

  • We have reduced waste by replacing single-use plastics with biodegradable plastics, paper, and glass.

  • We have activated a strong computerization of work processes which has allowed us to reduce the use of paper by 87%.

  • We promote sustainable mobility on holiday by offering our guests services such as beach shuttles to the beach, bicycle hire, e-bike hire, charging stations for electric cars, and implementing 12 electric vehicles in our green service.

  • In our agencies and hotels we have replaced all the printer with HP PageWide printers, devices that allow:
    - Reduction of fine dust emission (TONER) as the printers use water-based inks
    - Lower electricity consumption (cold printing)
    - Adopted an MPS Monitor company print monitoring system, in order to contain, rationalize and make the consumption of paper and inks more efficient.
    This has allowed us to receive the PrintReleaf certificate which, in addition to certifying our quality standards, allows our company to actively participate in planetary reforestation. The American company Print Releaf calculates how many trees are cut down to produce our paper consumption and provides for the reforestation process.

Economic sustainability

Creating added value for the local community, Europa Tourist Group has managed to generate lasting growth, growing, and making the territory grow:

  • We select suppliers favouring local companies that share our values.

  • Provide a safe and stable work environment to 120 permanent employees and 2.000 seasonal employees.

  • Guarantee sustainable construction by following rigorous green building criteria.

  • Activated a more sustainable management of the beach sectors of Savoy Beach Hotel, Aparthotel Holiday, Aparthotel Imperial, Hotel Luna, and Lino Delle Fate Eco Village Resort, preferring the use of natural materials for paths and games.

  • Redeveloped 17.5 hectares of green areas by creating two natural parks open to everyone: the Bosco Green Village in Lignano Sabbiadoro and the Lino Delle Fate Biodiversity Park in Bibione.

Social sustainability

The growth that Europa Tourist Group has had in these fifty years was possible thanks to the commitment and support of our employees. The main actions in terms of social sustainability are aimed at their well-being:

  • We offer our employees corporate welfare plans.

  • We are committed to providing additional training to ensure greater employee safety.

  • We carry out training courses that focus on well-being in the workplace.

  • Provide one-on-one training with coaching sessions tailored to the employee's needs.

  • Developed an LMS (Learning Management System) platform that provides our employees with technical skills in using our software, and soft skills for a better relationship with colleagues and guests.

  • Charitable activities in support of local associations such as AVIS Bibione, Lions Bibione & San Michele al Tagliamento and Progetti del cuore.

  • Charitable activities in support of sports associations for children such as ASD Calcio Bibione and ASD Lupignanum Track&Field.

  • Charitable activities in support of the Palazzo Vescovile museum (Portogruaro) aimed at promoting culture.

We know we can always do better, which is why our commitment to ensuring sustainable holidays continues day by day, leading us to be the most sustainable version of ourselves.

Today Europa Tourist Group is a company that has been able to see a great opportunity in change, confident that it can be an example for other touristic companies, creating a positive domino effect.



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