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Bicycle tracks and landscapes for a healthy holiday

In order to fully discover Bibione and Lignano, and in order to enjoy a holiday without the stress of always driving your car, a good idea is to take advantage of the many cycle tracks. From the experience of riding a bike directly at the seaside to the several cycle tracks which bring you to the lighthouse and through the pinewood; from the track in Vallevecchia and Brussa till the Tagliamento river, from aprilia marittima to the city centre in Lignano… many kilometres of cycle tracks which links the two seaside resorts and which are currently being improved. not to be missed are the morning excursions with the fat Sand Bike, which are special kind of bikes with which you can ride through the sandy tracks.
For those of you who enjoy taking a walk, there are plenty of tracks thought for this. among oleanders and palm trees, your training becomes less and less hard.
In Bibione, the 11 and 18 km circle track to the lighthouse allows you to get a stunning view of the area but also to discover the flourishing nature that surrounds the area.
The river tagliamento also keeps some particular trees which are typical of the mediterranean maquis, whereas, along the tracks of the Vallesina, you might bump into flamingos, squirrels and swans. An excellent alternative are the morning excursions which show you the beauty of the sea and of the surrounding area, during which it is possible to rent the special equipment needed as well as a free of charge guide.
Maps and tracks of the area are at your disposal.

The ‘casoni’ and the terzo Bacino countryside
The track offers a journey during which it is possible to discover the lagoon environment, where time seems to have stopped: the rhythm of the nature is beat by the silence, the animals’ noises, as well as by the noise of the breaking waves. This track can be enriched with a not compulsory one throughout prati nuovi, which was an old countryside village, inhabited until the 1950s. A further interesting visit consists in taking a look at the area surrounding the Canale dei lovi, for a striking panoramic walk.

Vallevecchia and Brussa
The track offers the visit to Vallevecchia, an ecological site. This includes the visit to the unspoilt beach, which is the ideal destination for the lovers of the nature, where you can practise some bird-watching, fishing, trekking, bike-riding and horse-riding.

The river Tagliamento
For those of you who particularly enjoy riding mountain bikes, this is the very best track for an energetic ride along the river. The track ends in Cartiera di Villanova, an example of an economy based on rivers, which is linked to the Venetian noble family of the mocenigo.


>> Download Bibione Cyclo Tourist Guide

Progetto pilota: the cycle track from Lignano to Caorle.
Come and find out the most long and striking cycle track of the adriatic Coast! thanks to a well-thought link of modern and environmental friendly boats, you will have the chance of visiting the beaches, valleys and pinewoods of the adriatic coast by only riding your bike!
Starting from Bibione, going towards East and riding through the cycle tracks along the beach, you can reach lignano Sabbiadoro; on the other hand, going towards the opposite side, you will find yourself immersed in the unspoilt maquis of the Vallevecchia, which will finally bring you to Caorle, where the city centre will be able to welcome you with its colours and its typical Venetian atmosphere.




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