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Ancient Rome Dinner in Concordia Sagittaria

Roman Dinner in Concordia Sagittaria … taste some ancient history!

Breathing a different age, getting to know ancient places and traditions, discovering how the antique Romans spent moments of conviviality together, this is what the Roman dinner in Concordia Sagittaria is about.

An important Roman centre, Iulia Concordia, which was founded according to the most popular supposition in 42 b.C. at the meeting point between Via Annia and Via Postumia. The term “sagittaria” is a modern addition, to remind that in town there was an arrow factory for the Roman army (“sagitta” in the Latin language means “arrow”). Source Wikipedia

Discover the atmosphere of a real Roman and Medieval dinner with the special events of Summer 2017 in Concordia! Original recipes are served like at that time to let you taste the flavor of the typical local culinary tradition. Each dish is prepared to let you live an unforgettable experience, between antique flavours and legendary places to discover again hanks to the expert and committed tourist guides.

Thanks to a precious recipe book, an exlusive gift for those who take part to the Roman dinner in Concordia Sagittaria, you can become a skilled chef of the antique Rome and invite your family or friends to dinner, to let them enjoy some tasteful treats.

A precious evidence of the culinary extravagances of the Romans is represented by the “De re coquinaria” (the culinary art), a work made of ten books where many recipes of the Imperial age are revealed. Its author was originally claimed to be Marco Gavio Apicio (1st century b.C.), one of the greatest gourmets of the Roman history, but it is actually the result of a “collage” of the work of following authors, probably of the III or IV century a.d. Source Instoria

Don’t miss two unique occasions to taste some Roman and Medieval history: the Convivium in Iulia Concordia and the Archeoaperitivi

Convivium in Iulia Concordia:

The 1st proposal includes a guided tour through a site with an archaeologist, a Roman or medieval dinner (alternatively) and a reading of various historical sources on food topics. During each dinner all participants will be given a recipe book with the instructions to prepare the same dishes enjoyed during the evening. Tariff: 35 Euros (reservation required).


After 19:15 all participants will be taken to a small guided tour on various aspects of the ancient Roman lifestyle, which will end with a meeting for an aperitive in the centre. The archeoaperitivi will take place each Friday until September. Tariff: 10 Euros (reservation required).

We remind you that you need to reserve your presence to take part in the visits, for more info:
Email – Tel. 348 2579512 –

Cena Romana

Discover all the most interesting excursions between Portogruaro and Concordia Sagittaria in our online catalog. A summer full of events and meetings including culinary tours, music festivals and much more is waiting for you.

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