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Venezia Orientale Tours: Portogruaro e Concordia Sagittaria

A N  I N L A N D  T O  D I S C O V E R
Venezia Orientale region is one of the hidden treasures of Italian beauties, an unexplored territory just behind the most famous beaches. This land boasts unique features offering the visitors unexpected experiences, historically ranging from the ancient Roman Empire to the Venetian Republic. Lake and lagoon environments. Local traditions, food, wine and important worldly events

GUIDED TOUR ON 27.02 /29.04/27.05

  • 2:00 pm, Bibione to Concordia by bus Meeting with the tour guide and visit to the Roman archaeological site, the Basilica and the Baptistery
  • Panoramic tour by boat along the Lemene river from Concordia to Portogruaro
  • Guided city tour and visit of the National Concordiese Museum
  • Return trip by bus and arrival in Bibione at 6:00 pm
    (for organizational reasons the start of the city visits can be reversed without affecting the main program)
On the 10th of January 1440 with a written document the Bishop of Concordia Saggittaria founded the city of Portogruaro. Along the banks of the Lemene river the city flourished with homes, stores, agricultural and commercial businesses and an important river port. As the years went by the new bourgeoisie settled down and built both Gothic and Roman style houses, as well as majestic decorated buildings that still nowadays represent the main attraction of the historical city centre. You can visit many important landmarks from the fourteenth-century “Palazzo Municipale”, boasting a typical façade in Gothic style, to the ancient “Fondaco Arch”; from the water mills brushing the waters of the Lemene river to the intimacy of the typical “Calli” streets bringing to mind the taste of Venice. Portogruaro represents the harmony between tradition and innovation, in a peaceful place still to be discovered.
Concordia was founded on the year 42 b.C. The original name was Iulia Concordia. The city was an important roman village that grew up between the Postumia Way and the Annia Way. As the centuries went on Concordia prospered thank to its River, The Lemene, the “Reatinum Flumen” and now is a delightful little city that has preserved its Roman historical and cultural heritage in harmony with modern life where the perfect balance is represented by the magnificence of the Santo Stefano Cathedral surrounded by windy bicycle and foot paths. We will visit then the Baptistery, rich in frescoes dating back to the IV century, and the beauty of the ancient remains of the Basilica Apostolorum Maior. You will be then delighted by the surrounding nature, by the typical Concordia fish dishes and by the Lison Pramaggiore wines.

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