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Oasi Vallevecchia di Brussa: pristine nature and biodiversity

The Vallevecchia natural reserve, better known as “Brussa”, is an unspoiled location where you can re-discover some pristine natural environments full of biodiversity – the perfect escape from your daily routine.

If you ask any of the locals, they might describe Brussa as a place they keep almost secret – an oasis outside the conventional destinations of mass tourism, where wild shores, primordial pine groves and suggestive lagoons allow for a reinvigorating full immersion into nature.

Salicornia Veneta

A breathtaking landscape

The Vallevecchia di Brussa natural oasis is located along the Venetian shoreline, between the seaside resorts of Bibione and Caorle. It is reachable by car via the reclaimed farmland or even by boat, thanks to the X-Lagoon boat transport service for cyclists and pedestrians, which connects Bibione, Brussa and Caorle during the warm season.

Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by pristine nature, virtually untouched by urbanisation thanks to the commitment of the local environmental associations over the years. Leave civilisation behind and enjoy this breathtaking landscape, for an amplified feeling of freedom.

The 10-km cycle path allows for easy mobility inside the 900-hectares natural oasis and its different environments: from the lagoons to the beach, from brown dunes to the pinewood. Several informative displays along the way will make for some enjoyable and educational sightseeing.

cycle paths in Brussa

The lagoon will captivate you with its succession of typical fish farms, sandbars, mud flats and reedbeds guarding the suggestive “casoni”, straw huts where the lagoon’s fishermen used to dwell.

We strongly recommend paying a visit to the “Observatory tower” situated at the oasis’ westernmost end, where you can admire the entire lagoon from above.

The pinewood is the ‘green lung’ of this natural oasis, as well as a true paradise for birdwatchers, thanks to the large number of bird species it hosts. Moving toward the sea, maritime pines and holm oaks give way to the brown dunes, strewn with shrubs and lichens, and lastly to a 5-km long sandy beach.

The beach in Brussa is actually the most well-known spot among  both locals and tourists, because of its complete lack of infrastructures.

Sandy dunes in Brussa

Delta Horses: an increasingly rich biodiversity

The various natural environments of the Vallevecchia di Brussa natural oasis are home to a rich biodiversity, both in its flora, with some interesting lagoon-dwelling wild orchids, and its fauna, with wild geese, roe deer, flamingos, fallow deer, foxes and badgers.

Flamingos Oasi naturalistica Vallevecchia di Brussa

All these species have found their niche in this ecosystem, thanks to the redevelopment efforts towards preservation.   

The oasis’ biodiversity has become even richer since summer 2022, thanks to a project aimed at creating a wild conservation nucleus of Delta horses. Quite unique in its kind, the Delta horse is a direct descendant of the ancient Camargue breed, whose agility, boldness and stamina it retains.

Delta horses

The project aims at protecting and safeguarding the genetic heritage of the Delta horse – one of four horse breeds that have been recognised as local genetic resource by the Veneto region, and currently considered at risk of extinction.

The nine mares and the stallion that were introduced into Vallevecchia di Brussa’s natural oasis will live in the wild, as the reserve is a sort of “Venetian Camargue” – from an environmental point of view, the perfect habitat to host the new breeding nucleus.

cavalli del Delta in Brussa

Discovering the Vallevecchia natural oasis

Unspoiled shores, pine groves, lagoons, and abundant fauna, all to observe with respect… reading this article, you may have realised that the Vallevecchia di Brussa natural oasis is the perfect destination for those who want to spend a day in connection with nature.

How best to discover the 900-hectares natural oasis?

If you want to venture into the beauty of nature and enjoy the oasis to the fullest, we suggest following these simple tips: leave your watch at home and follow nature’s slow rhythms to best appreciate it. Bring instead your bicycle or some good running shoes to comfortably explore the 10-km cycle/pedestrian path.

Remember to pack a pair of binoculars in order to sight as many animals as possible, as well as your water bottle and packed lunch, as you will not find any cafes or restaurants.

Most importantly, remember not to litter, and to take your garbage away so as to keep the environment clean.

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